Services - Home Automation

Home Automation

Imagine that you have left your home for a week-long vacation. Halfway to your destination, you remember that you have forgotten to setup back your air conditioner and turn off several lights in your house. While this realization of wasted energy costs could put a damper on your vacation, you instead pull out your mobile device, accessing your home automation system and adjust your air conditioner and turn off all lights in your home with just a few taps.

Entertainment Technology helps you save money and breathe a little easier with our state-of-the-art home and business automation packages. You can check security surveillance for your home at any hour, adjust the volume on music broadcast throughout your house and even adjust the desired home temperature without moving from your chair. Our Home Automation Technology helps you consolidate control of multiple systems with a single user-friendly interface that gives you complete control of your home.

Allow us at Entertainment Technology to place you on the cutting edge of systems control and turn your home into a streamlined and modern masterpiece.

Services - Lighting

Lighting and Shade Control

When it comes to energy efficiency, homeowners have plenty of options. However, many overlook a key energy-saving opportunity—lighting. Lighting accounts for almost 20% of the average homeowner’s monthly electric bill.  Today’s energy-conscious homeowners are also environmentally aware. They want to do more than just save money—they want to go “green.” With Entertainment Technology, homeowners can do both. We specify whole-home light control systems that are the industry-leaders in controlling energy-efficient light sources.

Controlling the light in your home is very important. Custom window shades provide a number of solutions. Controlling glare and darkening a room is the major function of shade products. Each shade product is built to order. Fabric, hardware and operating mechanisms are specified to satisfy functional and aesthetic criteria. Options include motorized roller-operated shades, bead chain/clutch, and manual or motorized Roman shades.

Services - Security

Security & Monitoring

Having a Security System is a necessity in today’s world. It is natural to want and expect to feel safe in our own homes, but the threat still exists around us.

We will professionally design, install and monitor your home security system. It is estimated that 74% of uncompleted intrusions can be credited to an audible alarm system. And homes without alarm systems are 3 times more likely to be burglarized than those with an alarm system.

We offer state-of-the-art security alarm solutions to keep you protected and comfortable 24/7.  Our company can provide you with enhanced lifestyle options including control of your home’s lighting, HVAC and more.

Services - CCTV

CCTV/IP Cameras

Whether it is suspicious activity around your home, a record of property theft, finding who is at your front door, or checking on your pets while away from home, installing a CCTV camera system is your solution.

CCTV equipment will be custom designed for your needs and property with plenty of options and features available. Today’s cameras are full color high definition, 1080p quality and record vivid video in both day and night vision. And your life critical videos can be stored on long term storage systems with a choice of sizes and length of storage time periods.

Never guess what is going on around your property.



Services - Home Theater

Home Theater

Movies, sports, and even video games are all brought to life with a custom home theater. Imagine a dedicated room in your home well equipped with a high resolution 4K projector, a screen size 2-3 times the average television, heartpounding 7.1 surround sound speakers, plush leather seating, and just the right lighting to set the mood. That room will become your entertainment oasis. 

Whether you're building a new home and can work with our team to design the ultimate theater from the ground up or you have an existing home and a room that you see has the potential to get the ultimate makeover into that one-of-a-kind home theater, our team is the premier choice to create the home theater of your dreams.

Check out our portfolio for examples of home theaters we've installed.  Call today to schedule a free consultation.

Services - Media Room

Family/Media Rooms

Every home should have a media room. Most have family rooms but that small flatscreen TV by itself just won't cut it if you're anyone serious about Sunday Football, has a favorite Netflix show, is an action movie nut, or if you want that emersive gaming experience.

We're here to turn that average family room into an exciting media room. We can help professionally install that new 4K TV above the fireplace, install clean flush mount in-wall speakers and even hide all the wiring and equipment in a near by closet using RF controls.

And nobody likes dealing with 5 different remotes. Ask us about our single-remote solution that eliminates that clutter and simplifies your media experience.

Services - Whole House

Whole House Audio/Video

A distributed audio system is used to deliver music and often times video to multiple rooms in the home from a centrally located system. This design provides the ability to share sources between rooms. Speakers can be integrated into rooms of the home in several different ways. Commonly the speakers are flush-mounted in the ceiling or walls to become almost invisible. Options exist for speakers that are completely invisible. These speakers can be placed in the wall and then dry-walled or painted over making them completely disappear. Outdoor living spaces can be added to the system with speakers shaped like rocks, stones, bricks, planters, and even coconuts.

The quality and performance of these speakers varies greatly ranging from quality background music all the way through high end speakers that deliver stunning full range sound and massive power handling. When creating a design for a distributed audio system Entertainment Technology will work with you to discover the level of speaker needed for your application.

Services - Ourdoor AV

Outdoor AV Lifestyles

Having a smart home means the outside can be smart too! Play your favorite music from discreet rock speakers around the pool. Enjoy the big game on your weatherproof TV and entertain guests while you barbeque on your fully connected back porch.

You will absolutely love the lifestyle enhancement a professionally installed outdoor entertainment system will bring. Call us today to come visit your backyard and provide a free consultation. 

Services - Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Just as your lighting inside the house can all be connected and controlled together, so too can your landscap lighting. With automated photocell daylight sensors to pre-programmed scene scheduling, your landscape lighting doesn't need to be anything you worry about controlling. Instead enjoy not only the aesthetics of uplights and downlights beautifully accenting the exerior of your home but also the natural added security it offers. 

Ask us about how you can monitor and control your landscape lighting from anywhere in the world using our smartphone app.